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Click on the video to view a recent appearance on Bahamas @ Sunrise with Peter Bridgewater, CEO of Open Systems Technologies International and Ed Christmas, Managing Partner at Sology Solutions. They discussed their new strategic partnership and how touchless technology can improve the guest experience in boutique hotels and hospitality industry in The Bahamas

Touch less Technology

Open Systems Technologies International strategic partnership is to Drive Technology Innovation and Create Jobs in The Bahamas Focusing in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, click here to read more..

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Go Paperless

Digitizing paper documents is the easiest first step toward digital transformation and the fastest way to reclaim bottom-line cost savings.Many Bahamian companies and organizations have already started the reaped rewards of cost savings by transforming their traditional, manual, paper-driven processes into convenient, digital, user-centric experiences.

The rewards of paperless

Reducing—or better, eliminating—paper usage provides your business with several key benefits, click here to read more..

HR Automation

HR Automation Software Offers Complete Employee Management Control - Focus on People, Not Paper

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