Shufti Pro | Real-time Identity Verification

Verification as Simple as Taking a Selfie

Omit payment frauds, account takeovers and
reduce high drop-off rates with AI-powered face
recognition technology. Provide your customers
with the most secure and fastest selfie-based
onboarding method. Say goodbye to physical
keys, passwords and KBAs.
  • Real-time definitive answer
  • 98.67% accurate results
  • Anti-spoofing measures

AI-powered Facial Recognition technology for accurate identity verification and fraud prevention

Shufti Pro’s face verification solution leverages advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to
accurately identify and verify human faces. Shufti Pro is the first of its kind to incorporate advanced anti-spoofing
measures for fraud prevention.

Shufti Pro | True Identity Builds Trust.

  • KYC – Know Your Customer
  • KYB – Know Your Business
  • AML – Anti-Money Laundering Screening


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  2. eCaribbean-IDV   |   Identity Verification Service for The Caribbean.
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